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Here, you’ll learn more about coming up with unique and exciting ideas to support you in your goals.

You know you need to solve a problem.

Your current ideas don’t seem to be enough to help you solve that problem.

You get the impression that you’re going around in circles, like a hamster in a hamster wheel. You keep spinning out ideas, but they all seem to feel the same.

When you feel that you’ve come up with a new exciting idea, you feel anxious wondering whether it’s good enough. You wonder whether it’s aligned with changes that are unfolding all around you – in the industry, in your life, and so on.

How to come up with new ideas?

You can use techniques and approaches to help you come up with new ideas.

This is something that can be learned.

Yes, it’s true that some people may be a little better and faster at it. Though, in reality, all of us can get better and faster at finding great ideas.

How to implement the new ideas?

Dreaming up new ideas is a skill. Learning how to make them real is another skill. They go hand-in-hand, though they require that you access different aspects of yourself and your skill set.

How many new ideas have you thought of that you’ve not implemented? Maybe you weren’t even aware that you’ve let go some really incredible insights and ideas. That’s okay. You’ll get newer and fresher ideas.

Think though of the ideas you’ve not gotten around to implementing. Now, multiply that by 100 people, 10,000 people, 1 million people. How about 7 billion people?

What could be accomplished if each one of us were able to implement 2% of our ideas? 5%? 10%?

You get the idea.

So, what can you do to move the needle in your world? What if you were to implement a new idea each month in a year? How do you think that would change your world? The world?

An author blog

One thing that really helped to nail down the frame for this blog relates to the difference between author blogs and business blogs.

Anne R. Allen makes a distinction between an “author” blog and a “business” blog in her book The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors. She made the point that author blogs have a different purpose than business blogs.

As an author blog, this website allows the needed latitude to discuss different areas of interest of the author-blogger. This also then allows for practical demonstrations on certain strategies to come up with new ideas.

Leading with your name

Thinking about author blogs ties into the notion of leading with your name.

Leading with your name can be a real challenge when you don’t really know what you have to say. Or you’re still trying to figure out what it is that you can bring to the world. This can also be a challenge if you’re an introvert, prefer to keep a small digital footprint, or are intensely private, or all of the above.

It feels easier to stand behind the business name. In some ways, it makes a lot of sense. Yet in doing so, in a very important way, you end up hiding behind the business. We sometimes forget that, in reality, people respond to people. Not to corporate entities. Not to a company name or a logo. People build a relationship with a person within the business, not the business itself. Audria Richmond makes this point in her book Are you Ready for the Yes? How to Prep Your Brand for Lucrative Opportunities.

How do you reconcile feeling compelled to serve a mission that requires that you communicate your ideas, while maintaining your privacy and boundaries? This blog will also examine strategies and techniques to navigate the conflicts and discomforts you may experience when learning to lead with your name.