Gisele’s Projects

Gisele’s Projects


Testing theories


Testing so many project ideas at once sounds crazy, I know. I’ll be the first to admit it.


Word "dumbass" spelled out at end of megaphone


If I wasn’t already clear on the results when I had decided over the past twenty yearst to focus on just one thing – at the expense of all my other interests – I would not even begin to attempt to manage multiple business project ideas at the same time.


The reality is that for the two decades I spent deciding to focus on one thing, the result was that nothing got done.


So, intimately familiar with the zero-sum result of not being able to focus on just one thing, I’m trying out a different approach: moving forward one small step at a time on multiple fronts.


In some small ways, this multiple-fronts approach is starting to make sense to me.


For example, living your dreams is an important aspect of the Beyond the project. Yet, I was feeling a lot of internal dissonance rolling out the speaker series on the theme of Living the Life You Want, but not feeling I was being true to myself living my dreams.


Word "dream" engraved on a key, resting with 4 daisies on a stoneWhat are my dreams?


Well, the desire to share my writings and my music dates all the way back to my early childhood. Yet, I had sat on the sidelines of those dreams for many long years. For a series of reasons that seemed to make sense at the time.


Though I was developing my skills quietly and privately, it became urgently clear that I needed to take the next step progressing from quiet introverted work to pushing myself past my comfort zone to get the results of that work out in front of people. Yikes! Scary stuff, but a natural part of the process.


Captured on this page is a list of all these projects, which I refer to sometimes in my mind as experiments.


Woman's eye superimposed with image of the globeModeling what is possible


I’m testing theories by pushing myself to see what works and what doesn’t work or might need adaptation to work.


For more details about these experiments, it’s probably best that you visit the specific domains.


For a behind the scenes tour, witnessing the work unfold as I test these theories, modeling what’s possible, consider becoming my patron on Patreon. The intention is to share live the day-to-day thinking and course corrections that naturally occur when running experiments, testing the practical applications of an idea.


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