Gisele’s Projects

Gisele’s Projects

Join me on the journey to test theories and run experiments. You can learn a lot from experimentation. Sometimes it leads exactly where you were hoping to land. Other times, it opens doors and windows you had no idea even existed.

Taking an experimentation approach to trying out new ideas reduces a lot of risk and worry. When you approach the work from a playful (experimental) stand point, you are in a better mental condition to notice the unexpected surprises. You are also in a better position to accept the results that you didn’t get for you were hoping for.

When you’re an introvert, it takes a lot of effort to express ideas and observations outwardly. I continuously work at pushing myself to past my comfy place as an introvert to express my ideas and observations, even if they’re halfway formed.

In some ways, this website is an ongoing record of pushing myself past that discomfort. Here, the focus is on leveraging modeling what’s possible, running experiments to test theories and ideas.

To help you run your own experiments, as you nurture and test ideas, you can visit the following sections to learn more. It’s my hope that you will find the nugget of idea or way of thinking that contributes to running your experiments on your way to meeting your goals

Images courtesy of the artists at Pixabay.