Big Dream Entrepreneurs

Big Dream Entrepreneurs

You probably have a dream about how you want to live and where you’d like to be in 5, 10 or 20 years.


Possibly, your current sources of revenue won’t be enough to get you to those dreams.


So, rather than postpone or give up on those dreams, dream a little bigger and imagine how you, as the Chief Executive Officer of your life, can extend that state of mind to build a big small business.


This is what I decided to do.


On my journey so far, I learned a lot of useful things to guide me in my work building a sustainable enterprise.


Part of this learning included studying direct marketing, marketing for the web, writing marketing and sales copy that draws on the findings of persuasive writing, and so much more.


So, I’ve set up a website to capture what I’ve learned about generating leads to build a business.


It’s called Boost Lead


I also thought to capture, on the Boost Lead website, case histories of my own entrepreneurial experiences rolling out the different projects that I have begun that have enabled me to express myself and help me to clarify my contribution to the world as I pursue my own goal to live my life’s purpose.


If you’re seeking support to help you learn more about how to build your own small business project, you can find more information at Boost Lead