Fiction writing

Fiction writing

I’ve been story telling as early as I can remember – poems, songs, plays, oral stories invented on the fly for my siblings and my children.

In addition, an important part of my recovery to feeling more present and alive in my life included a commitment to write those stories.

The field of speculative fiction offers the opportunity to do innovative thinking about the future and to speculate on alternate versions of how people might have lived (or will live) on a version of Earth within different societies, cultures, and ages of development.

Evolving out my work in this area of self-study over the past 7 years, and formal study through my B.A. in English Literature in my early twenties, is an appreciation of the story as a pathway into the human heart and mind.

Out of this initial work, two major project areas have evolved for me:

  1. An exploration of the intersection of science, magic and story craft – Fool’s
  2. Developing and publishing speculative fiction stories – Campbell Xen

These projects are conducted under my pen name: Campbell Xen Cross.

Since my style of learning is to read and absorb everything I can about a field that I’m entering, I can assure you that I have studied a great deal about the craft of story.

This study included applying what I learned in practical experimentation, establishing a set of standards I want my stories to meet, gaining a sense of the framework aspects of story to imbue it with a strong foundation, as well as developing a sense of the finer details that make story entertaining and enlightening.

I’m looking forward to clarifying thoughts and ideas around the content that I’ve absorbed in this area, as well as learning more – from application, reflection, dialogue with you, and of course, more study. 😊


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