YouTubing & Podcasting

YouTubing & Podcasting


Accidental YouTuber


Film images superimposed by a tablet and smartphoneI became a YouTuber by accident.


Though I’m grateful for how things turned out.


I was working on my first speaker series. Given the intentions I had set for that series, it became important for those recordings to remain up online in order to support others who might benefit from the messages shared by the experts.


I realized a few months later that I had become a YouTuber. So, I had better figure out how other YouTubers brought their messages forward.


This experiment is still very much a work in progress.


Beyond the Injury YouTube Channel


You can listen to the interviews for the Life the Life You Want speaker series. You’ll learn more about how to overcome adversity, be happy and live the life of your dreams.



Gisele YouTube Channel


Below is a link to the video channel for Gisele


Podcasting a viable option?


I’m wondering whether it would make sense to make those videos available through podcasting channels.


I’ve started the podcast experiment a few times, but I didn’t get far along enough in the process to report anything specific here.


Once I’ve moved further along down the podcasting path, I’ll circle back and share a few key points here.


Until then.