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Gisele Thomson

The focus of this blog is all about bringing creative works into the world.


It’s about testing theories and practices to see how they work in fact, and changing things up, if they don’t.


This involves thinking in different ways.


Thinking differently leads to innovation.


Innovative thinking and practice lead to having a lot of different interests. There is always a new area of knowledge just around the corner waiting to be discovered by you. Before you know it, ideas continually cascade and collect into your treasure chest of possibilities and options.


black cut out of man and woman high-fiving, list of words: inspiration, vision, motivation, innovation, leadership, teamwork, successLearning how to distribute your innovations is an exciting practice too.


This is an area where I’ve developed a lot of expertise over the years. The results are always phenomenal, often unexpected, and stimulates a great of creativity and engagement.


Bringing forth your creative works teaches you so much about yourself and your world.


You learn about…

  • blending information from different disciplines to come up with innovative ideas
  • putting those innovative ideas into practice testing theories against real life practices and adapting them as needed to meet your goals
  • future thinking – anticipating scenarios depending on shifting inputs and influences
  • pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve your best work
  • managing yourself to accomplish the many project ideas that evolve
  • branding, leading with your name, and platform building to leave a public facing breadcrumb trail of the mastery that you’ve acquired


This website is about sharing with you discoveries and insights practicing innovation and leading with your name as you bring forth creative works into the world.