How We Help You

image of clock superimposed over montage of an image of human head and gear wheels turninngThe intention of this website is to focus on the practice of forward-thinking problem solving.


It’s about modeling what’s possible in real-time, putting into practice innovative thinking and doing.


It’s about testing theories against practical situations – to see how they work out in fact, to discover what needs to be adapted, and to feed those insights and experiences back into framing out the theory.


Topics to discuss include:


  • Innovative thinking & innovation diffusion
  • Producing and sharing creative works
  • Managing multiple interests and projects
  • Branding, leading with your name even if you’re an introvert
  • Testing theories and forward-thinking problem solving


The goal is to share experiences and insights with you, as I run my own experiments testing theories, and modeling what’s possible to produce and deliver creative works.


An equally important goal is to learn from you about your discoveries running your own experiments to bring forth your own projects and aspirations.


It is in this dialogue with you that I expect to get a clearer picture on the specific services and products that could evolve from our work together here.


As my work on this website evolves, I also intend to capture key resources and sources of information that I have found especially useful: an evergreen “Resources” page.


In the meantime, you can expect to access key insights and ideas through blog posts, interviews, discussions, book reviews and much more.


You’ll find more day-to-day details about these experiments, reporting from the trenches, at my Patreon page.


It’s on Patreon that you’ll get back-stage access to the messy stuff testing theories in real-time to bring forward creative works.



The insights and experiences gleaned from the in-the-trenches work will be packaged more neatly for this website