Are You Leading Your Business with Your Name? A Scary Idea for Us Introverts

Newsletter August 2017 — Gisele Thomson

“So, tell me, what would you like to be known for?” asks Audria Richmond when she works with clients who want to build their brand.

Scary question, hun? It freaked me out.

I was so used to effacing myself that I wasn’t really sure that I was allowed to be known for something. It was about the service. The business in service to people, to an idea, to a mission.

If were I asked that question now, the logic to self-efface doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense when you’re trying to build a business. But at the time, it seemed completely reasonable.

Audria continues to say many more butt-kicking, paradigm shifting things in her book, but here’s a point that I think helps drive home the point:

“More than ego, becoming the face of your business is the responsibility of any expert, entrepreneur, or CEO. Anyone who has worked hard to build something and scratched and saved to make a dream come true, and is willing to fight to make a space for themselves in this world deserves to be seen.

And so do you, Love.”   

Audria Richmond in Are You Ready for the Yes? How to Prep Your Personal Brand for Lucrative Opportunities

Okay, so how do you do that?

Well, for me, because it made sense, I embraced the challenge, and immediately started shifting the way I was branding myself and my business – just as I was starting to launch the Beyond the mission to support people to claim their strength living their purpose.


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Early Results “Leading with My Name”


Launched Hub Website:

Picture of Gisele Thomson with lettering with her name


I have many interests and so, to compensate, my timelines are long. Meaning, because I work in a day job, continue to raise three kids with my disabled husband of 25+ years, and support as best as we can two adult children in post-secondary school, my timelines to accomplish my goals are very long-term.

It’s so project management 101 for me — more or less time, people, money, and quality means projects are completed within the mists of the future. I want quality, I don’t have a lot of money. It’s just me. So, it looks like that time has to flex long for me.

Fine by me, as long as I stay on track, I figure, eventually I’ll get there. What’s that fable about the tortoise and the hare? I’m definitely the tortoise.


Published First Blog Post on Gisele

My first blog post for Gisele had a special meaning for me because it was all about what to do when you have too many passions, and you can’t – and more importantly – don’t want to chose one over the other. Because if you try to choose, you know from experience that nothing gets done.


This post was a declaration of sorts that I was committing to the long game: 7 Ways to Leverage Your Passions — When You’re Fed Up Choosing Just One.

Audio version recorded and uploaded to my YouTube Channel: Gisele Thomson.


Progress on Helping People Discover and Live their Life’s Purpose


Website Launch and Promotion Continues for Beyond the

Text on bluish background: Beyond the Injury. Claim Your Strength Living Your Purpose


Briefly, for the purposes of this newsletter, I can report that the website was launched in March of this year. I learned about guestblogging and summit hosting to help with developing traffic. I’ve since applied those tools to help me, though there is still much more room to grow to leverage those tools.

The summit included recording interviews with 21 speakers, which led to posting videos on YouTube. Suddenly, without knowing or planning for it, I was a YouTuber. So, another tool to develop traffic.


Serving My Life Purpose — What Got Me Started on This Path 6 Years Ago: Speculative Fiction

Realizing that I had become invisible in my life some six years ago, I started to return to the things I loved as a kid – poetry, music, and fiction.

I studied and applied techniques to improve my ability to craft poems, write songs, and produce compelling fiction, in particular to attempt to emulate the power of storytelling of the author’s I loved writing in the realm of speculative fiction.

Story Craft

I have about 10 story ideas in the cue for either long or short form fiction formats – that need further development before I fully launch into the scene writing stage of the craft.

I’m also working on songs and poetry quietly in the background.

In the meantime, I continue to read and love awe-inspiring poems, songs, and fiction stories. But alas, my production of these projects is not the priority, the Beyond the mission is. Though, I learned that for my inner sense of authenticity that I’m living the life that I want, and that I’m serving my life purpose, I must continue to work at finding ways to make room for them now in my life, not later.

So more to come, I think, on how I’m learning to honour all of these project ideas, and what they mean for me and my sense of purpose in life.


My Personal Speculative Fiction Sandbox: Fool’s

Image of mortar and pestle, 3 leaves, 2 old books juxtaposed with stone door on evening with gold lettering stating the words Fool's AlchemistFool’s is designed to be a gigantic sandbox within which I can express some of the odder, unexpected things I discover in my research building the speculative fiction worlds I have in mind. For example., How is space travel really possible? How to leverage the DNA of a story to create compelling fiction? How to make the magical elements of a fantasy world seem realistic? And so on.

Launching my first post – When someone’s magic Is another’s science – Puzzling out how myth, science and story might overlap – was a way for me to start putting some wind in the sails of the speculative fiction writing project.

It’s also a more relaxed space to conjecture upon the strange, the seemingly impossible, the juxtapositions, the ironies, and so on.

And, yet again, another way to lead with my name, to implement in practical steps Audria’s recommendations about stepping forward in front of your business.


Before signing off, I’d like to send a nod to another author – Kate Heartfield .  She’s a journalist, a writer and an editor. And what’s more, she in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada.

I love how Kate sends out a monthly newsletter update about her works in progress. So, thanks Kate for sharing with me more about you in your newsletters. I’m now imitating the teacher, with a bit of twist of my own, to share with others more about me – leading with my name.

It’s scary, but seriously, I challenge you to try it. You’ll be discover how liberating and exciting it is.

Talk soon, Gisele

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  1. Congratulations Gisele!
    I see you are very busy exploring many avenues of self-help and sharing.
    Please send me your newsletters, Suzanne

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