The Learning Business

I leave and breathe learning. It’s embedded deep into my bones.


I’ve been in the business of learning for over 25 years, earning a teacher’s degree at the University of Ottawa in 1997.


With two little babies at home in the late 1990s, I couldn’t remain competitive in the tough school board market that was a reality at that time. How could I answer last minute calls to supply teach, when I would have to turn around and find childcare solutions of my own before accepting the offer? Like I said, it was not a sustainable situation.


So, I dove into the task of transferring my skill set to the world of adult learning.


I learned a ton.


I loved it then, and I love it still.


In fact, over the last 16 years, I’ve been working specifically in real-world applications within the adult learning field.


I have evolved a very specific philosophy over the last sixteen years that has never disappointed me in my ability to nudge along incremental innovations.




I approach learning by focussing on serving the strategic goals of the business.


This means a lot of different things, which I explore in a more depth within two other websites. Each website focuses on the needs of a specific audience:

  1. The business owner or leader –
  2. The freelance learning consultant –


The key thing to keep in mind, that I’ve learned over the years, is that doing learning for the sake of learning gets you bogged down into the details of logistics, processes and operations. These things are important, but only at a tactical level.


What is truly intoxicating about doing learning to serve the strategic objectives of the organization is the innovative thinking that surfaces when you are focusing on bringing a high value proposition to the organization. This approach enables you to harness the metaphoric surfboard when riding the waves of changes in technology, science and society.


Doing this strategic thinking work is very exciting – and usually appeals to the futurist in you. This is the version of you that is trying to understand the waves of change, and more importantly, what they mean for you in your world, and what that translates to for the learner (employee) in the organization who wants to be in a position of strength to help the organization thrive whatever changes comes their way. This also applies to business owner or leader who wants the right skills on staff to get ahead of the next curve.


Like I said, intoxicating stuff!


I’m really stoked to share with you what I’ve learned.


If this topic resonates with you, then find out more at either one of my websites.

  1. For the business owner or leader –
  2. For the freelance learning consultant –